Welcome to HexenHaus Tattoo Studio

Piercing is currently available on Thursdays only.

It is advised to please phone ahead on the day to confirm available times and to book an apointment.

All of our piercings are done with needles which are opened and disposed in front of every customer.
If you have any questions please come in and speak to our piercer, she has over 8 years experience in all forms of piercing and is happy to discuss anything you would like to know.

Age Restrictions:
14+ for ALL piercings, valid photo I.D must be provided at time of piercing.
Under 16s must have a parent present at the time of piercing. The parent must have valid photo ID and will need to sign a concent form. In the case of different surnames a birth certificate will be needed with the photo ID.

Nipple piercings are 18+

Price List: